Our Events

To book tickets to any of our events, please click here.

We advertise a ‘save the date’ for all events via social media as soon as we know the details. Tickets then become available here 14 days before- unless otherwise advertised.

Please note: As all of our events are free of charge they tend to ‘sell out’ within 24 hours of tickets going live. Feedback has shown that people often book with good intentions, but then find that they are unable to attend. This can lead to a sold out event having a much smaller audience than expected, which is disappointing for everyone involved in the event and for those who wanted to come, but could not get a ticket.

Out of respect for our speakers, the venues and organisers who all work together for months in advance behind the scenes to set up (all free of charge), we politely request that anyone who is unable to attend, cancels their ticket directly on the Eventbrite system to release it for someone else.

Please do not contact the organiser and request that they cancel your ticket for you.

Other Events

If you have an ACEs or trauma related event or workshop in Edinburgh that you would like us to feature, contact us to tell us about it.