Our Group

Coming Up In 2019

From January 2019, we expect to host four inspirational speakers addressing a variety of topics, and hold four networking meetings across the city showcasing the good work of local organisations.

There will also be a dedicated sub-group looking at the adverse societal issues that are commonly faced by our young men and boys, examining good practice models addressing these issues elsewhere and working for change. Further details will be available in January 2019.

We also intend on expanding the content of our website so that it continues to be a useful and reliable source of information, with a monthly blog written by experts in their field and people with lived experiences that they want to share.

January, March, September, November 2019 Special Speaker Events, 

February, May, August, October 2019 Networking Group

To be confirmed Boys’ Issues Group

Ongoing Edinburgh ACEs Hub Online


There are also several local groups and working parties working within Edinburgh communities and wider localities. You can find their contact details here.