Short Films

Film is an excellent medium to convey a message, promote discussion or to express a story creatively. Many of the short films listed in this section are suitable for use with children and young people but others are not.

We strongly advise anyone who intends to use these film clips to check their suitability before showing them to an audience and obtain any necessary licences for public viewing, if required.


Adverse Childhood Experiences NHS Health Scotland

Presentation on Adverse Childhood Experiences, Resilience and Equity by Professor Mark Bellis, Director of Policy, Research and International Development, Public Health Wales

Adverse Childhood Experiences Public Health Network Cymru

Trauma And The Brain NHS Lanarkshire EVA Services

Sexual Assault/Sexual Abuse

Fight or Freeze #ijustfroze By Rape Crisis Scotland

“Fight or Freeze challenges common misconceptions that there is a right or wrong way for people to react during or after a rape. This powerful animation video is part of the wider#ijustfroze campaign by Rape Crisis Scotland which highlights that people don’t always fight back or report rape straight away, and which attempts helps people to understand why this might be.”

So Many Reasons #ijustfroze By Rape Crisis Scotland

“So Many Reasons challenges common misconceptions that there is a right or wrong way for people to react during or after a rape. This powerful animation video is part of the wider#ijustfroze campaign by Rape Crisis Scotland which highlights that people don’t always fight back or report rape straight away, and which attempts helps people to understand why this might be.”

Never Too Late To Tell

Never Too Late to Tell shows the process of grooming for sexual abuse, from the child’s point of view, and the impact on her future life. This animation is used to train health professionals and support workers, to raise awareness of the impact of childhood sexual abuse, especially to underline the fact that abuse is always the abusers fault, given survivors often experience feelings of guilt.”

Care Experience


“A 10-year-old girl navigates her way through the foster care system, after being removed from her home and separated from her younger brother.”

Remember My Story- ReMoved Part 2

Zoe’s story continues.

ReMoved- Statistics

Real life statistics from the films.


Half A Life

“After a traumatic encounter, a young, gay Egyptian joins the LGBT rights movement. When his safety is jeopardised, he must choose whether to stay in the country he loves or seek asylum elsewhere as a refugee. Half a Life is a timely story of activism and hope, set in the increasingly dangerous, oppressive, and unstable social climate of Egypt today.”

Conflict and War

The Most Shocking Second A Day and Still The Most Shocking Second A Day by Save the Children

“As Britain go to war a young girl’s life gets turned upside-down as she is forced to flee the UK with her parents. The film was inspired by the stories of real child refugees fleeing war and persecution, and was created by Save the Children in response to the British Governments treatment of refugee children fleeing the war in Syria.” It provides a powerful reminder that the refugee crisis is happening here and it’s happening now.”

So You Think You Can Stay

“Amir Najjer from Gaza was tortured by masked men and accused of collaborating with Israeli forces. In Norway, his application for asylum has been refused. Authorities believe he can go back to the Gaza Strip, although the UN states that it´s unsafe to return. Now, Amir has signed up for the brand new talent show, So You Think You Can Stay, by Norwegian Organization for Asylum Seekers (NOAS), and hopes that your vote can help him stay in in Norway. This powerful campaign film by NOAS uses a spoof talent show format to highlight the refuge process in Norway, and exposes the complexities of the application system. While the contestants and judges are fictitious, their stories are based on real asylum cases taken on by NOAS.”

Wrong Trainers Series- The Real Stories of Children

Wrong Trainers: Chris’s Story 

Wrong Trainers: Dillon’s Story

The Wrong Trainers: Chantell and Keona’s Story

The Wrong Trainers: Samara’s Story

The Wrong Trainers: Danielle’s Story

Domestic Violence

Violence is Violence by Mankind

“40% of domestic violence is against men in the UK. Violence is violence, no matter who it’s aimed at. A powerful short film from the UK-based charity Mankind which shows an often unacknowledged side of domestic violence.”

Gaslight by Loki

“The story explains what goes through the mind of a boyfriend as he physically and emotionally abuses his girlfriend. The lyrics and film clip explore how the boyfriend’s jealousy reaches boiling point, how his insecurities overwhelm him, and how he finally lashes out at his partner. The boyfriend later apologises for his outburst swearing never to hurt his girlfriend again. But, soon after he breaks his promise.”

Foreign Language

Haiti Tablo A (Creole with English subtitles)

“The Blackboard is a short movie made by internally displaced kids in Haiti, commissioned as a workshop by Intermon Oxfam. A team of three animators visited the school Coraille-Cesselesse at the ID camp of Onaville (near Port-au-Prince) to do a 10 days workshop with the students. “The Blackboard” tells the story of Adline, who likes to play soccer but can only play with a coke bottle because she doesn’t own a ball. While we were working with the children, film director J.A. Bayona shot a documentary about the animation process and the situation in Haiti 5 years after the earthquake. We made the movie to have the children learn new skills, but also to remember the world that international cooperation is not a matter of a couple of years, and that our effort must be sustained in time.”

Down The Stream- The Story of Invisible Vietnamese Boat Children (English subtitles)

Life on the river with a group of young Vietnamese boat children describing their lives, their hopes and their fears. As they are not born on land, they cannot obtain a birth certificate, which means they cannot go to school. Invisible children who are so full of life, with a story tinged with tragedy.

Sea Gypsies (English subtitles)

“Sea Gypsies is a short film from Why Poverty? about struggling to survive in an idyllic island which has become a tourist destination. Indanina and her family live in on a beautiful coral island of Eastern Malaysia. When heavy fishing restrictions are imposed on their gypsy way of life, they are forced from their family homes and into a life of poverty. While they live under a motorway bridge and beg for handouts, their home is demolished to make room for a tourist diving resort.”

Love and Rubbish (Russian with English subtitles)

“An estimated five million people are homeless in Russia, and one million of them are children. Love and Rubbish takes an unflinching yet poignant look at the lives of a group of children living in a garbage dump outside of Moscow, showing the hardships they face and the dreams they hold on to. This film was part of Why Poverty?, a groundbreaking cross-media event taking place in November 2012, which urged people around the world to ask this question with the aim to jump-start national and global debates about poverty in the 21st century.”

Animated Shorts

Eat, Sleep, Learn, Play by Save The Children

Fences (Polish- no dialogue) PŁOTY – reż. Natalia Krawczuk

“Visible and invisible boundaries surround us from birth to death and each of us handles these social dividing lines differently – while some break through to the other side, others fall at the first hurdle. This short Polish animation cleverly explores the barriers we construct between us and how respond to them in our daily lives.”

The Present

“Jake spends most of his time inside playing video games on his own. One day his Mum surprises him with a present that will change his view of the world – and himself. This award winning short film is a moving celebration of acceptance and inclusion that is suitable for all ages.”