TED Talks/Short Talks

TED Talks, are known for inspiring people with a broad range of topics and sometimes the same talk inspires us several times. There are many particularly thought provoking TED Talks addressing ACEs, some of which we have listed below.

There are, of course, many other styles of short talk that do not come under the TED brand, but are equally as interesting and valuable, so we have included them too.

This is a working list, so please send us any links you think we should include.

**WARNING: Many of these videos can trigger strong emotions, even on your best day. Please ensure that you look after yourself and use our Support page if you are struggling with your emotions.**

Public Health

How Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across A Lifetime by Dr. Nadine Burke Harris

What Causes Wellness? by Harry Burns

How Do We Stop Childhood Adversity From Being A Life Sentence? by Benjamin Perks

A Call To Connection: Making Childhood Trauma Personal by Dr. Allison Jackson

The Effect of Trauma on the Brain and How It Affects Behaviours by John Rigg

When Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds by Dr. Robert K Ross

Violence- A Family Tradition by Robbyn Peters Bennett

Lived Experience

A Black Box for the Education System by Chris Kilkenny

The Power of Everyday Heroes by Jaz Ampaw Farr

Kids In Care: Let’s Start a Revolution by Laura Beveridge

My Story by Elizabeth Smart

What the Columbine Shooting Taught Me About Pain and Addiction by Austin Eubanks

You’re Going To Be OK: Healing from Childhood Trauma by Katy Pasquariello

Trauma Is Irreversible: How It Shapes Us Is Our Choice by Sasha Joseph Neulinger

I Was Human Trafficked for 10 Years: We Can Do More To Stop It by Barbara Amaya

I Was Abused As A Child Bride and This Is What I Learned by Samra Zafar

Being An Abandoned Child by Brendan Maguire

Growing Up In The Foster Care System by Angel Mechling

#car conference- episode 1 child poverty by Chris Kilkenny

#car conference- episode 2- uniform and free school meals by Chris Kilkenny


*We would like to add more talks about male on male violence, so please send us the links to any talks you think are useful.

The Power of One by Graham Goulden

Violence Against Women- It’s A Men’s Issue by Jackson Katz

Raising Men To End Violence Against Women by Will Muir

Redemption- An Old Idea That Still Works by John Carnochan

Proceed Until Apprehended by Karyn McCluskey

How Gang Violence Affects Mental Health– BBC News

Gangs, Drill and Prayer  BBC Radio 1 Extra

Glasgow Gang Documentary by BBC

Glasgow Gangs featuring Loki

Men and Boys

The Boy Crisis: A Sobering Look at the State of Our Boys by Warren Farrell

A Call To Men by Tony Porter

“Locker room talk.” Says Who?  by Alexis Jones

The Demise of Guys? by Philip Zimbardo (2011)

The Demise of Guys by Philip Zimbardo (2017)


Every Kid Needs A Champion by Rita Piersen

A Creative Conversation on Poverty with Chris Kilkenny and David Cameron


Your Adopted Child Experienced Trauma, Now What? by Kirsten Holmberg (Warning: potentially controversial message)

Why We Need To Break The Silence Of Father Absence by David Hirsch

The Importance Of Fathers by Correctional Officer Calvin Williams

My Son Was A Columbine Shooter. This Is My Story. by Sue Klebold


Failing at Normal: An ADHD Success Story by Jessica McCabe